Although Ryanair takes pride in giving all of its customers the best possible service, it is an unfortunate truth that sometimes mistakes do happen. Perhaps you have missing or damaged luggage or you wish to complain about a delayed flight – whatever your problem, it is best to make a call to the Ryanair customer service number on 0843 504 7316 as soon as you possibly can. The quicker you make the call, the faster your problem will be resolved.

Reasons to complain complaint

There are numerous reasons why you may need to file a complaint with an airline. Although you may have many minor inconveniences which don’t truly warrant a complaint, there are definitely instances in which a complaint is necessary. Below we have listed three of the top instances in which a complaint to Ryanair should be made:

  • Lost/damaged luggage: It’s one of the biggest nightmares when catching a flight – you make it safely to your destination only to find that your suitcase wasn’t so lucky. If your luggage arrives damaged or delayed, or is lost altogether, you may wish to call Ryanair to make a complaint. If your baggage is damaged, you should report it immediately at your arrival airport, and then submit a claim within seven days from this point. Lost or delayed luggage should be reported on arrival and then a claim made within 21 days of the incident. Call the Ryanair customer service number on 0843 504 7316 for more information.
  • Delayed/cancelled flights: Although Ryanair prides itself on its industry-leading reliability, there are of course rare instances where flights may be delayed, or worse, cancelled. If your flight has suffered a delay or cancellation, it may have impacted your travel plans severely, for example if you missed your connecting flight. If this has happened to you, you should contact Ryanair to lodge your grievance.
  • Poor customer service: Ryanair staff are all highly-trained professionals who maintain exemplary standards. However, working in high-pressure environments can unfortunately lead to error. If you have encountered customer service that you deem unacceptable, whether in the airport, on board your flight or over the phone, you should report all the details to the Ryanair customer service number by calling 0843 504 7316.

How to complain luggage carousel

If you wish to make a complaint about any aspect of your Ryanair experience, you should ring the Ryanair customer service number as soon as possible on 0843 504 7316. Although you can make a complaint by post, calling and speaking to an operator directly is often far more satisfying, as you know that your issue is being dealt with there and then.

What happens next?

Upon receiving your complaint, a member of the customer service team will either deal with it on-the-spot or pass it to a member of staff who can help. You may be given a reference number, if so be sure to make note of it for later use. Ryanair will assess your complaint and make the correct response based on the circumstance. You may receive a token of goodwill or compensation where necessary.

If you have a complaint or dispute to raise with Europe’s largest low-cost airline, dial the Ryanair customer service number on 0843 504 7316 now.