New bookings

New bookings prague

With flights to 160 destinations across Europe and beyond, Ryanair handles a massive amount of new bookings per day, and as such offers customers a number of ways to book their trips. When you need to book a flight, you can opt to do so on the Ryanair website, the app or by calling the Ryanair contact number on 0843 504 7316. Let’s take a quick look at the options you have when making a new travel booking.

Online online

The Ryanair online booking process is most popular way of booking flights with the company. The easy-to-use facility is best viewed on a desktop, and makes use handy drop-down menus to make the process quick and painless. You can find available flights and flight costs via the site’s homepage and then go on to book from your search results. Simply input your departure and arrival airports of choice and the dates you want to travel, select whether the trip is one-way or return and select the number of passengers and click ‘Find flights’. When you find a flight that you fancy, follow the booking process to complete your purchase. If you have any trouble when using the booking facility on the website, you can call the Ryanair contact number on 0843 504 7316.

Mobile app app

Smartphone-savvy customers may prefer to make their bookings using the Ryanair mobile app. The app is free to download for iOS and Android from the Apple Store or Google Play. The easy-to-use application allows mobile users to find and book flights, and then download boarding passes straight to their phones. If you opt for this route though be careful – make sure that your device is fully charged when you head to the airport, as passengers using mobile boarding passes whose phones have run out of battery will be charged £15 for the privilege of printing a new pass. If you have a problem when using the mobile app or wish to make a complaint, dial the Ryanair contact number on 0843 504 7316.

Phone phone

All these modern channels are well and good, but sometimes the phone is the most efficient tool when it comes to finding and booking flights. To make a new booking, simply call the Ryanair contact number on 0843 504 7316 and you will be able to book your journey one-to-one with a customer advisor. The benefits of booking over the phone are that you have a professional taking care of the entire process for you, which can be handy when it comes to handling complex itineraries and inputting personal data. When calling, make sure you have a paper and pen to hand, as well as your personal details. At the end of the call, the staff member will recap all details to ensure everything is correct, and then you will be all set. Call us old-fashioned, but a phone call may well be the sensible option when it comes to booking flights.

To make a new booking, call the Ryanair contact number now on 0843 504 7316. Let an expert guide you through what can be a fiddly and time-consuming process, especially for the less tech-minded. Bon voyage!